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Discover estuaries, defensive ramparts and coastal beaches.


St Andrew’s Auld Kirk, North Berwick

This small white-harled stone building is what is left of a large church after the devastating storm of 1656. Pilgrims in the middle ages would have prayed here in the chapel dedicated to St Andrew before making the ferry crossing to Earlsferry in Fife, and finally on to St Andrews.

The Scottish Seabird Centre, North Berwick

A popular visitor attraction with stunning views to the Firth of Forth, the Bass Rock and the May Island. The Centre offers a video link to the Bass Rock, the Discovery Experience, boat trips, a shop and café.

The Coastal Communities Museum, North Berwick

Situated in the same building as North Berwick Library and includes a display of historical pilgrimage in this area, exploring a fascinating insight into the culture and heritage of the communities that make up this part of East Lothian.

Tantallon Castle, 3 miles east of North Berwick

A much visited mid-14th century castle perched on the edge of cliffs and looking out onto the Firth of Forth and the Bass Rock. The castle ruins are cared for by Historic Scotland.

The Bass Rock, in the Firth of Forth 5 miles east of North Berwick

Home to 150,000 gannets and many other sea birds the Bass is a volcanic plug rising 100m above sea level. The Bass is uninhabited once was home to an early Christian hermit. The Bass’s castle was latterly used as a prison.


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